Welcome to Windemere Farm where our goal is to own and produce quality horses. For nearly twenty years we've acquired some of the finest bloodlines in the Miniature Horse Industry with many of the horses having proven themselves in the show arena. These include local & Regional Shows with titles of National & World Championships. These horses have gone on to produce quality foals. See more about these stallions and the fine mares of Windemere by visiting the following pages.

Many of you are familiar with Windemere and our horses because of us owning and showing Miniature Horses for many years. In addition to the horses it's a joy to have a small cattery which consists of our King, L 'Armani Des Palais D'Orient, a striking Golden Shaded Persian imported from France. He and our Queens were specifically chosen for our breeding program to produce quality kittens.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site seeing what happening at Windemere...

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