Welcome to the Windemerecats Minuets part of our website where I would like to offer more information about The Minuet Cat. Certain registries have stayed with the name Napoleon, others they are called Minuets.

Being in the business of owning, breeding, and showing Miniature Horses for nearly twenty years I'm using the same principles we have over all of these years and being selective when purchasing the kittens.
I am dedicated to providing you with good information, as well as a healthy and loving kitten, if you choose our cattery for your purchase.

When I first saw photo's of the Minuet Cats I did a lot of research to get familiar with their traits and to know as much about them as I could before I purchased my first cat of this breed. There are sites which have a lot of history about the Napoleon cat, so I would be happy to share more details if you'd like to do a lot of reading, but to make it simple the Minuet's were a cross of the Munchkin cat to the Persian. I knew this was the type of cat I wanted in our home to love and live with us as a family member. My passion for these cats grew quickly after experiencing the joy of ownership and loving my first little princess.

There is a standard in which registries have recorded for those who want to breed and show their cats. The popularity of this breed has soared in the US and also International Countries. No doubt for the reason why, the Minuet's are such a joy to own and I love having them in our home. Although I plan to have a few litters a year, our goal is to stay small, and I've been selective in purchasing the type I am drawn to. As I mentioned there is a standard, however if you search the breed you can find some variations in the type. I was drawn to the cats with the smaller ears not setting up high looking more like a domestic cat.
The pretty round eyes, along with the beautiful faces that come from the doll faced Persians, appeal to me and are what I would like to offer to the discriminating buyer.

The Minuet breed comes with long or short hair although we will exclusively breed only cats with long hair. The coats of the Minuets are quite manageable without a lot of maintenance. The litters of kittens can be Non Standard with the typical leg length, or the Standard with the short legs, and come in a variety of colors. Regardless of the leg length these cats are healthy and have great agility.
My personal experience is to say that the Minuet Cat is a "perfect choice" and to complete that package we have imported a beautiful Golden Persian male with all of the assets I was looking for!
Please visit my various pages and if you have further questions always feel free to contact me!
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